Training – AI / ML

Adoption of New Technology

The training is for top level management to understand the various aspects of deep tech and to analyze if that is something which they need to pursue

Deep Tech for Managers

The Training will help managers understand the business and technical aspects of implementing new technology. This will help them in planning, budgeting, risk analysis, implementation and support

Sales opportunities in Deep Tech

Each technology will bring in new opportuniteis. Deep Tech will open up new possibilities like consulting, resourcing and production.

Deep Tech for Developers

This will be tech/tool training to upgrade the skills of current developers to match the needs of the customer

Training – Sales

Be a Sales Super Star

  • Why are some people able to sell easily and others are not?
  • Can everybody become sales super stars?
  • How I should prepare for customer meeting?
  • How can I create a 90-day Sales plan?
  • How to price for profit?
  • How to handle sales objections?
  • How to effectively close a sale?

Effective TeleSales

  • What should be the opening statement in Telesales?
  • Who should talk more – Customer or Telesales person?
  • Why am I missing some points when I am in a call?
  • How to handle angry customers?
  • Is it possible to close a deal through telesales?

Leadership through Movies

  • Why everybody is not a great leader?
  • Is Courage a leadership quality?
  • How can I become a great leader?
  • Are Leaders born or made?
  • Is Integrity important in leadership?

Customer Delight

  • Why everything matters in a customer interaction?
  • Why should we do something more for our customers than what we had committed?
  • Why customer is King?
  • How to generate more revenue from same customer again and again and again?
  • How customer delight is different from customer service?

Negotiation skills

  • How to negotiate from a position of weakness?
  • When you should not negotiate?
  • Why negotiation fails?
  • What is investigative negotiation?
  • How to prepare for negotiation?
  • Why win-win is a better option?

Conflict Resolution

  • What are the different styles of conflict resolution?
  • How to manage anger and emotions?
  • How to maximize individual and team performance?
  • What are the different strategies to manage conflict?
  • How to change outcome by effectively managing conflict?

Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Who is an Entrepreneur?
  • How Entrepreneurs are different from others?
  • How Entrepreneurs think differently?
  • How Entrepreneurs communicate differently?
  • How do Entrepreneurs see an opportunity while others do not?
  • How Entrepreneurial mindset makes a huge impact in workplace?

Building Trust

  • How to build a culture based on Trust?
  • How to bring Accountability within team?
  • How to build high performance team based on Trust?
  • What is trust based leadership?
  • Who are the enemies of Trust?
  • What are the 4 steps that create Trust?

How to Write Winning Proposals

  • How to write a winning proposal in 10 steps?
  • How to write the executive summary?
  • How to select the right team?
  • What is the best document design for the proposal?
  • How will you defend your proposal?

Effective Channel Sales

  • How to question effectively in channel sales?
  • How you can motivate your channel partner to do more sales?
  • How communication plays an important role in channel sales?
  • Why follow up is so important in channel sales?

Negotiation Skills for Procurement Team

  • How to do a 3-party negotiation?
  • What is the best way to participate in a bidding?
  • How to negotiate from position of weakness?
  • When you should not negotiate?
  • What is investigative negotiation?
  • Why you should also think about your vendor’s benefit?

Personal Effectiveness

  • How some people are in Top 1% of any field?
  • How to achieve your goals before the deadline?
  • How marginal improvement everyday makes a huge impact?
  • Why self-belief is THE most important thing in achieving your goals?
  • How gratitude helps in personal and professional life?