Open Innovation

Corporates are looking at new ways to expand their business, Open innovation is one of the ways you can expedite up this process.
NextGrids helps organizations understand, structure and execute open innovation programs. We have a structured program which can enable organizations address their current business needs through open innovation.

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NextGrids brings together industry leaders to upskill your current workforce, improving its ability to deliver high quality of service to your customers and meet all your delivery challenges.

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At NextGrids, we help organizations nature a culture of entrepreneurship. Employees are working with clients and can help add value to their customers.
By structuring the organization to encourage employees to develop a startup mindset within the company will help acquire new opportunities and expand the business.

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Center of Excellence

At NextGrids, we help organizations set up technical Center of Excellence (CoE) to help align their business strategies to ensure better control and enhanced focus towards profit realization.
A CoE is a team of technology and domain experts whose mission is to create new capabilities and services.By establishing a CoE, an organization is better aligned to adopt new technologies and stay ahead of the competition.

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